Saturday 23 May 2020

Rabbit Mathematics list

Welcome to Rabbit Mathematics!
Rabbit Mathematics is an channel about mathematics by Sumlook Production.

Episode 1: Four Operations

  This episode is about the "Four Operations", which is addition(+), subtraction(-), multiplication(x, *), and division(➗, /). For addition, subtraction, and multiplication we use the column method; For division we use Long Division.

Episode 2: Types of Numbers & The Number Line

  This episode is about types of numbers. At the end there is also a part about the number line.

Episode 3: Positive and negative numbers

This episode is about positive and negative numbers. Here we also talk about opposites, and we also talk about the opposites of opposites property.

Episode 4: Absolute value

This episode is about absolute value. Here we also talk about what to do if there is something outside of the bars.

Episode 5: Factors and GCF

This episode is about factors, prime numbers, common factors and GCF(greatest common factor). Note that this is the last episode

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